Visual Studio Extension

We briefly introduce the usage of Graph Engine Visual Studio Extension in this chapter.

We usually start with creating a Graph Engine Data Modeling Project. In the Visual Studio New Project dialog, select Graph Engine Data Modeling Project project template, make sure .NET Framework 4.5 is chosen, and provide a project name.

After clicking the OK button, we have a Data Modeling Project in the Solution Explorer:

As shown below, now we can add a Graph Engine Application Project using the visual studio Add New Project dialog.

After clicking the OK button, a project wizard shows up to help us create a customized application project.

It will first let us choose which data modeling (TSL) project we want to reference.

Then, the wizard will ask us whether we want the wizard to help generate the message passing stub code.

After clicking the Finish button, a customized Graph Engine application project is added. And we are ready to do the development now.